Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what i need now, is

besides you, this j.crew leather lugage makes me want to pack as soon as possible
via grey

Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy birthday!

it is my little best friend's birthday today
and i miss her so bad, more than she can imagine
and i love her, more than she ever been loved.
i wish her the best, and i say that she deserve a better friend to surround her.
i am sure that she and i will be okay soon. i love her too much :__)
i miss you little darling! hope you have exciting day today and the years ahead
surprises are waiting ahead for all of us, amen.

photo's by sharon montrose
video by cibelle & devendra banhart

sharon montrose

i've been a fan since long time ago!
it is too hard to take a photograph of an animal
but she did not find did hard and make beautiful captures
aren't they adorable, makes me miss marlo so bad!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

have a gorgeous weekend!

"And I made an excuse
You found another way to tell the truth
I put no one else above us
We'll stil be best friends when all turn to dust"

i found them several weeks ago, and been listening to their album since.
beautiful sounds, ear-companion, beautiful lyrics.
i really miss how things are used to be, it's less heartbreaking.
well, never mind me, have a beautiful weekend all!!

things that makes me smile

am always a huge fan of hot air balloons
and so i was cheered up in a blink when i read chita's tweet
a hot air balloon festival is going to be held in jakarta next week! it's a first!
excited and i'm going to go go go! i hope they won't let me down... yaaayy!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what i need now, is

coats,leather jackets,cape,anything fabulous :)
via sartorialist & jakandjil

Friday, March 12, 2010

happy weekend!

i lost too many friends today, don't let anything like this happen to you. lost respect, trust and faith. sorry to put so much sorrow at the end of the week.
i would love to apologize to everyone i know if i ever hurt your feeling purposely or not. i will try to be a better person.

still am here wishing you all a great weekend :)
video by sore.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

things that makes me smile

fabric, ribbons, beads, buttons those kind of shops, one of the things that will put my smile back :)

saia accesories for brightspot market #4

chaindelier necklace & marion brooch ; special accesories edition from saia, only for brightspot market #4 :)

sneak peek : katallog at brightspot market #4

katallog, is at brighspot market starting today till this sunday! pacific place mall, jakarta. if you haven't heard about this event, you gotta check it out!
it's an event where cool shops from jakarta-bandung gather in one place. all of the tenants are awesome! such a pleasure to be part of it.
these are the photos taken around 8 hours ago, we were installing for the opening tonight. there was a lil accident though at 3 am, took my friend herbert there to the hospital XD he's okay btw hihi
so so so curious enough? i'll meet you tonight, stop by at our booth, kay?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

shots from the week

random here and there, paying last week's lack of posts :p
hope you enjoy it my darlings :)

shots from the week

office work snapshots +_+


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