Thursday, November 18, 2010

have a lovely weekend!

wow it's friday already!!
where have my days gone lately? crazy!
well, it's good that weekend is just around the corner :)
it's going to be sunny here in melbourne
i have a lunch invitation tomorrow from my korean friend, yaayy!
victoria market also sounds good to me, hunting for cheap mangoes :D
what's your plan?

image from a blog my dear nuri recomend
inspiring stuffs! via steep street

paddington reservoir

this is paddington reservoir in oxford street, sydney
i was impressed with the idea keeping a heritage of this city
a reservoir, have anyone consider to remain such a place?
the architectures and landscape designers have successfully re-do with just simple finishing touches without destroying the existing constructions
people are provided with the history information as they walk by
an alternative of a public space, very nice indeed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


don't you want one of these??
imagine a sunday morning + morning sun light + orange juice + a book :)
design by dedon : nestrest

via black eiffel

to market, to market!

this is paddington market, opens every saturday morning
at oxford street, paddington, sydney
art, crafts, clothes, jewelleries and food!
my favourite was a gipsy women who travels and took awesome photos
she printed her photos to wood blocks, so lovely
love the colors and made me want to go to marrocco :)
had that delicious icing waffle for breakfast :D

Friday, November 12, 2010

have a lovely weekend!

what's your plan for the weekend?
my family is flying out to surabaya, am so jealous...
i guess i'll be stuck at home on this rainy weekend with my papers and readings
im not complaining here.. :p really...
it's been an ups and down week for me, catching up with my beloved friends
and surprised with their news updates,so im wishing good and sweet things to come
for all of us, just as sweet as this chocolate fondue
took the photo when i was in max brenner sydney :)
and this song! reminds me of a scene in how i met your mother, not sure which though..
however you feel, whatever it takes, whenever it's real, whatever awaits, whatever you need, however so slight, whenever it's real, whenever it's right.
have a lovely weekend dears!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

black records by WHO IS DJ GAME
still at Gould's book arcade, another exciting thing is that they have massive black records collection
not that im a collector, but i was just so amazed with it, boy i love this place!
speaking of old music, couldnt get this song out of my head today
after i showed my lil friend bini my favorite wedding video i posted sometime ago
the marvelows! we actually dance together via skype
i'm happy today, thanks for the companion fellas :)
but i avoid my assignments way too long, as you can see im blogging instead :p

Gould's book arcade

now this is a real bookshop!
we spend a lot of time here, looking for nothing particular really
it was just so interesting, and found heaps of historic, fun and craziness
i bought 3 books here, i'll show you later
a little something about the most interesting one is, its a recipe book (of course), on how to make an ice cream (wow, i know) with classic children illustration (couldnt be more awesome, huh)
i was so excited :) im such a junkie - fan of junks :p unlike you mom, i know :)

ariel bookshop

always love bookshops
the smell, the lightings, of course the book collections, displays
then there's one section of little cute things you don't need but can't resist not to buy, stationaries, postcards,
silly things basicly, usually its catchy, then you questioned yourself, whats this,
then you figure it out then you say 'oooooo i get it, (giggle) cute/cool/awesome'
something like that...
bookshops are always my safe getaway spot :)
well this one, still down at oxford street, sydney, i love the cashier display
and they got this handwritting notes as bookmarks in the display books as their way to recommend the book
very interesting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

little venice

no, i haven't reached venice :p
spotted this awesome little shop, yup we're back in sydney
to be exact continuing down oxford street, paddington.
i love this area! inspiring indeed. unfortunately they don't have a website
but more about paddington here, saw most of those places :)


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