Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mari Persen - Melody by baragusmoke

captain cook


this was one of those days where the sun comes out
after a looong time we lived in a fridge
and we did get back in the fridge again the next day
it was a strange spring...

the gift.

thank you ma sweet enggar :)
birthday present from jakarta!

little from the birth-day

even it's four months ago, i think its a lil interesting to share :p
spend the afternoon in the city and it was one day before footy final
which is like the olympic games to this country
everyone was wearing their team costumes and parades in cbd
it was nearly like new year, so festive!
anyway, my colombian friend klaudia treat me ice cream, green tea :) my favvv
then we had a turkish delight full set dinner with two other turkish girls from my ex house
again, didn't paid even a cent, thanks ladies :)
i guess thats how they do it, birthday girl gets treat all day :)
then we went to a boooring brazilian party :p
interesting night though plus unexpected phone call.
thanks for everyone who made my day!

winter winery

finally, finished posting the grampians! what do you think?
amazing huh?
let me tell you again that this was a birthday trip, september last year :p
went there with 4 other indonesians
it was one of the best way spending my birth day :)
so about this winery, we got there just on time
nearly closing, the men selling was pretty excited when we told we were from indonesia
he visited java a couple of times and loved it :)
bought the local basil olive oil, heavenly good!!!!

thats it then, if you wish to see the whole grampians trip, click here


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