Wednesday, June 30, 2010

birthday cake!

it's been a while she didn't make her famous black forest cake
yup, she always make us one, every each one of our family member
that means 4 times a year, because my bro and sis was born on the same day :p
but today, as i cry while chatting with her
gosh, for the first time i feel home sick, just because i couldn't be with her and give her a birthday kiss
she sent me this picture, and ask if i want a slice,
sure made me pour more tears, thanks mom :)
well, i shouldn't be sad for the whole day!
my best joy and happiness wishes for my lovely mom and endira (it's her birthday too)
it's july everyone!! let's wait for more surprises to come, shall we :)
have a wonderful day :)

happy birthday momma!!

i really wish i could fly right away into your arms
and give you a birthday kiss!!
i wish you well, health, joy and happiness
miss you more than anything in this whole wide world :)
love you till death us part, muuuaaaahhhhh

a herd of cows

all the bridges in the world

london bridge!

road trip : port campbell

kingfisher man

thats one giant lobster mate!

sunlight and ice cubes

There's a light in the wings
Hits this system of strings
From the side while they swing;
See the wires, the wires, the wires

road trip : port campbell

this is the day after, more sunshine i know!!!
we spend the night at port campbell, and walk around the town in the morning

captain cook

indoor barbeque-ing, again, we are blaming on the weather :p

road trip : twelve apostle

it was raining and freezing of course
so forgive me for the picures
the sun wasn't on our side,
the place was quite a bit like i remembered
yeah, i was here before, and the apostles were 12 back then,
but not anymore, unfortunately.


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