Thursday, March 10, 2011

have a lovely weekend!

hey guys!
how was your week? it's been crazy for me since i started my uni life
i barely have time to breath, freaking out a little bit, like i always do
but at the same time it's exciting. can't talk much, loads to do.
i may go to the famous moomba festival tomorrow just for one day break of textbooks.
look out for more fun things to capture with my lil camm, its been a while.
i'll try to keep on posting the queensland trip, still lots more to come
so stay tuned :)
hope you have a lovely weekend!! cheers!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to market, to market!

the most exciting thing when you travel anywhere! the local market!!
this is a food market every wednesday, its packed with office workers at lunch time
too bad that im just a tourist so it was imppossible for me to buy cheese or olives
then this german bratwurst booth had his redicilous queue, and as you may predict and see i had that BEEF bratwurst for lunch and sat in front of the casino's staircase
just like everybody else. :)

city of bridges


i love southbank, one of my favourite brisbane spot
if you see there's an artificial beach there (without the water that is)
if you google search it and see how it supposed to be like, its quite nice
but it got flooded, i saw on the news it was filled with the brownish filfthy river water, it was so sad.
but i gotta say they have a fantastic disaster management, the recovery was so fast.

gallery of modern art

it was a great disappointment when i went to GOMA, it was still closed
because of the flooding and all that, they're still renovating :(
i don't want to imagine the artworks that were ruined by the flood :(

brisbane square

unlike melbourne, brisbane has a lot of new buildings
in this case i love melbourne much much better, i love the oldies-european styles
the new squary 'techno-urban' whatever style is just hideous.

the arcade

this day was a looong day. i (literally) walk (literally) around brisbane city ;p
started at the valley, riverside walk, botanical garden, goodwill hunting bridge, queens street, southbank, brisbane square. phew. i get to see brisbane city in one dday :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the walls are coming down

We fall for the same lies we all have the same shoes to fit


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