Sunday, February 27, 2011

meet me in the garden



as i walked alone strolling the city
the thought of there was a major flood right there few weeks before, just unbelievable
how they cope and got back to stand again is just amazing
even though there is some parts which are still close, but still.
one thing my country should learn is how to manage disasters,
natural disasters, where us suffers more often.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

don't i know you better than the rest?

probably thats all folks for tonight
post more tomorrow, one lullaby for you.
have a great saturday night!

off to nowhere

around fortitude valley, brunswick street
and of course, china town.

laser break man

hello brisbane

i arrived late afternoon that day at brisbane airport
so my first sight of brisbane was the night scene
as usual, old buildings attracted me more :)


and my queensland trip starts here
sit back and hope you enjoy the ride :)
treasury casino & hotel brisbane at night

Friday, February 25, 2011

happy birthday twins!

its my twin brother and sister's birthday today :)
there's no way i could measure how much i missed them
also my family and besties...
happy birthday you two!
best luck to the rest of your studies, never stop catching your dreams
i will love and support you forever
get down here immediately and pick your own presents :__)
i love you.
thousand hugs and kisses
may you have a blast day!


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