Friday, September 24, 2010

have a lovely weekend!

have a lovely weekend everyone
thank you heaps for the birthday wishes, i'll post and tell you all about it during next week
i'm heading to grampians for the weekend, another roadtrip :)
hopefully i will follow this guy's track, an all time wishlist : travel around the globe!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In sleep, I dream of houses in the sky

Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse (MillionYoung Remix) by user1390432
sometimes I'm pulled away from my own misery your hands cover me
eyes drift slowly sleep the summer chill and sheets of linen hush the scattered sound of time dispersing


this is what i wore that day
so ready for the beach huh?
i got that floral jumpsuit at paddington market :D
love the prints so much! and a 10 dollar denim jacket from cotton on :p

what's for lunch?

what to eat at bondi beach?
a best friend of mine recommend this place
hurricane burger! it did gave a hurricane feeling :p
after quite a time of waiting in line (maybe because we're so hungry it felt like ages)
we sat on the beach and ate bit by bit
it was so good, that im drooling for more now :p
although its a 13 dollar burger, at least i tried it haha
can you see how jealous the seagulls are? and can you see our happy full face after :D

coastal walk : bondi beach

at last we reached our destination! bondi beach
that bondi iceberg is an exclusive swimming club
it would be exciting to swim there don't you think?
(again) starving hehe we were hoping the sun will still a little bit longer
for our lunch and sun bathing :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


my good friend gave me this link,
lovely bicycle! check it out! and these too.
made me drooling and more and more wanting one :p~~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

coastal walk : tamarama beach

on the way from bronte beach, i spy tamarama beach!
i love this beach, it got a small park
it's between bronte beach and bondi beach
this was the moment that i had a thought of moving to sydney one day :p
how does it feel to live in one of those houses up there hihihiihihiii
new wishlist : a house by the beach :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

have a nice weekend!

Hei folks, whats your plan for the weekend?
well, i'm not sure myself, planning going to a public swimming pool
but again, depends on the weather, plan b is bike-hunting :D
or if its not to cold, maybe parks would be nice, see the blooming flowers
well, whatever its going to be, i'll report back in the best way i can
oyes,one of my best friend, fachril is getting married tomorrow, cant believe it!!!
hope everything goes well, wish you all the best mate!!
all to all wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! cheers!!

bronte beach

my dad was right, my blog is turning into a tourism website :D
but what can i do? hehe well, i hope you enjoy it!
the coastal walk continues, from bronte beach to the next beach
now i remember why my face got burned in the end of this trip :D
look at the sunshine, no sunblock, sunnies only, oh well.
anyway, is it only me, or the sea color is different? fascinating isn't it?

sydney : day 03

day 03! yippie
a long walk again on this day, starts with a coastal walk
clovelly beach of course, then the opposite direction with the last time
towards the famous bondi beach this time, through waverley cemetery and bronte beach
we passed a bowling club, i found it fascinating because i never saw something like this before
and i couldnt even understand how the game was
bowling, on a rough sand court, a bat, and lots of small black ball
well nevermind, its a game for elderly :p
so there we are, at bronte beach :D


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