Tuesday, November 3, 2009


so if you know, that yesterday half of jakarta had a blackout
for like half of the day, yeah~~ no comment!
then my boss decided to take me to kemang, she wanted to show me a cute shop

cayenne, its a furniture and home accesories wholesale store and even they are welcome for special order. Gosh, it sure is cute!! i love every bit of it. i wanted to buy them all! haha but thats not possible so i bought a cute white basket with pink polkadots and an orange open storage with batik accent, and a round box with green polka on the lid.

I fell in love with a tiny desk with a vintage ceramic top, didnt get the chance to take picture of it though :( it's meant for lil kiddo's but i thought i could use it for my workspot at home, just exactly what i was looking for. but then, i have to save money first :p

we went for lunch after at FJ Bistro and Deli nearby, such a nice bistro, though expensive, its famous for their special tea from france. I had tuna ogli olio, slurrrppp! and we shared spinach mushroom pizza! and the deli, its not because i'm obsessed with bakery but damn its good!!
i'm sooo full!! but now i'm starving writing this haha pluss i was blog walking and found this for breakfast. enjoy!

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