Monday, February 1, 2010

swimming pool

Heavy is the mind that can't be told, when its time to let it go, heavy is the heart filled so full with sorrow
Worry cant help a single thing but when we're out of our heads at least were out in the open, the warning signs of a troubled mind It's all the things we can't see and can't hide but when you kiss me in ways I've forgotten, love is a swimming pool with no bottom, we've got to hold on the water is rising and all we ever want is to be loved, whether sun or stars above, all our trouble all our toil is towards no greater earthly goal, so never mind what logic says I say logic a guy who outta empty his pockets
All we want is an open mind you know the kind you can earn and can't buy, everyone spends a little time fighting the drift back out to the deep end, when I asked you to throw me a line thats when you pulled me out by the heart strings we thought the weight of the world would have us sinking like a stone, If we should ever lose our hold but we rise to the surface the moment that we know theres nothing to fear down below a song by The Submarines

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