Friday, November 12, 2010

have a lovely weekend!

what's your plan for the weekend?
my family is flying out to surabaya, am so jealous...
i guess i'll be stuck at home on this rainy weekend with my papers and readings
im not complaining here.. :p really...
it's been an ups and down week for me, catching up with my beloved friends
and surprised with their news updates,so im wishing good and sweet things to come
for all of us, just as sweet as this chocolate fondue
took the photo when i was in max brenner sydney :)
and this song! reminds me of a scene in how i met your mother, not sure which though..
however you feel, whatever it takes, whenever it's real, whatever awaits, whatever you need, however so slight, whenever it's real, whenever it's right.
have a lovely weekend dears!

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