Sunday, May 1, 2011

lazy sunday.

its been awhile I haven't write anything, or even post.
it's sunday today and it is also the last day of my long easter break
time passes so fast especially when you have a million things to do
it is good that i have this one week break, i get to breathe for a while
but it was too bad my internet connection was dull so couldnt do much anyway.
I went wandering around Melbourne this time and did some hunting.
hunting for anything, things to capture, coffee to zip, seeing people around and of course my highlight was the magnolia square craft market.
everything made me really missed what i used to do
i just need to patient, there will come the time when i can do all of that.
one thing at a time, and let myself focus to be tortured by assignments for now :D
i am very excited for the days to come, i have a million things i want to do.
let's always open our eyes as wide as possible and let small things inspire you in anything that you do.

have a lovely week ahead fellas, hope you had a great weekend - i did. :)
i'm going back to reality next week, i do hope i can still post though!
here are some songs i've been listening to (alot) lately
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by booksrule9
Architecture In Helsinki - Contact High by modularpeople
The Holidays - Indian Summer Anniversary by Beren Aydin
You And Me - Penny And The Quarters by dipdip

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