Wednesday, December 2, 2009

baby pink

another forgiveness i'm begging you
for not updating and all
i have been busy very very much
and these images above are one of my reasons

so, i was decorating for 3 events every weekend
for my friend's wedding and engagement party :)
i would like to congrats them one more time
hope you all have a marvelous new days ahead!

this beautiful flowers above are for the engagement party
last weekend, i promise you i would update the other parties soon
hopefuly after i finished my ielts test.
me and nuri did the flower arrangements,
the tone basic color is the request by the bride-to-be
and the lovely yuchita chose the flower types
we made a wonderful team together :)

okay, so thats all for today i guess
and to post all the other images that i'll be sharing
i decided to have a flickr account,
so you'll get to see the rest of the album
hope you enjoy it and have a lovely wednesday

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