Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tuesday wishlist, v.01

i wanted to post this since last week
i've been googling around finding informations and images
there'll be 3 parts of wish list, why?
let me answer that in each post

this volume 01 is a summary of the last hmm around 2 months i think

1. a labrador puppy,
i got the news around the end of november, my friends dog delivered 3 puppies, the parents are both labrador, the mother is a black labs and the old man is golden like marley. if i could choose i rather have a black labrador, but none of the pupies are black :) so, the gold one it is, hoping january i could take him home with me :) can't hardly wait, so far the name is probably going to be mowgli, from the jungle book :p what do you think?

2. canon powershot s90
before i was craving for g11, but then a friend of mine recommended this latest release instead, well i guess there'll be new releases coming up :p haven't got the money for this yet, hoping really soon!

specification here

3. macbook pro
why mac? you gotta read this. haha, my vaio is getting old, and problems are raising up the surface, took her to the doctor last weekend for re-installing. well, as i say, got no budget yet, hoping next year.

4. nude color eye shadow make up
been bored with my current standard make up style, that is : mascara, liquid eye liner, blush on, and lip gloss :) then, i browse for something interesting and suited me, found the look i was looking for and this bobbi brown nude color set make up should be the one :D haha it's my wish for santa, well, all the above that is :P

okay then, next please!

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