Wednesday, May 19, 2010

domestic observer.

to my dearest talented friend! r. yuki agriardi,
the domestic observer.happy birthday dear!!
he wrote his friends a spirit gracious 'letter'

last sunday I woke up in the morning, trying to keep a promise to myself. a promise I made three months ago. a promise to make a good investment in life.

I grab my running shoes, wear a hoodie, open the door, walking for five minutes then start running. I felt this energy beneath my feet, feels like something gonna come up and carry me. As my pace were rising, I felt the air filled my lung - this oxygen is bursting.

I’m 26 now. I didn’t know how many of this invisible gaseous substance has been passing through my lung. I never think about it before, how lucky I am, still can breath this fresh air. I feel blessed.

so i want to say sorry for the last 8 years, for being an ignorant man, for being a selfish prick, for for talking too much about anything, for this stubborn head, for the misery i’ve made and for wasting your time.

then, i need to say thanks to you,for keep believing in me, for talking to me, for fighting me back, and for just being there, just listening to my old boring stories.

I’m not a good man, but i’m trying to, even though it takes time. and knowing to having you guys for the last -almost- eight years really made my day, and realize, that i made a good investment in life - a bunch of great friends.

i have nothing for my gratitude.
but i hope this letter said it all.

Bandung, 19 may 2010


ps: i post this letter individually to multiply contacts.
we miss you to chat about some stuff at multiply. please back soon :)
he's unpredictable always, LOVE your current work woki!! keep on the fantastic work...

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