Friday, December 17, 2010

have a gorgeous weekend

hello darlings how's everything?
it was my last day of school, i guess i needed this break
the last two weeks the class was getting boring, i don't know why.
but hey they packed lots of things to do during the break, meaning writing the report draft
so i guess i have to squeeze in going to the library in the break list to do's :D

so, whats on my list, in case you wonder, hmm
as you know my high school good friend was here last week, it's her birthday today! too bad i couldn't join her in sydney :( may she have a blast there, she already did anyway she saw U2 and oprah! yes, we missed oprah in melbourne, but then she catched up in sydney, so jealous!
anyway, while she was here i got a chance to discover new places with her and i bought some books which are related to my plans
1. the hide and seek melbourne book, so i'll be searching for the interesting places listed in there :D
2. i bought some craft books + percas from the sunday market + coloring kit, i have to make something and try to sell them!! hihi so excited for these projects in my head! the last two weeks made me inspired :)
well, maybe thats enough for two weeks, remember there still library, journal articles, reports, zzzzz

haven't plan anything particular this weekend, it'll be a rainy and cold weekend, we're heading back to 18 degrees
can't believe it, so the beach isn't an option, probably i'll head out to the galleries and coffee shop, read a book, sketching ideas... sounds like a plan, yes :)

i took a nap this afternoon and had coffee about two hours ago, and now im wide awake hhh
and i watched eat, with my housemates, am sooo left behind with movies since i moved here :p
well, i think the movie is a little boring, but i caught some lesson to think about haha

anyway, wishing you a fantastic weekend and holidays darlings,
sending my love to jakarta, bandung, bali, new york, philladelphia, sydney,spain, well, wherever you are :)

o intresting facts about the pictures, i captured these beauties in my walk from my house to the uni, it takes around 20 minutes to get there, vice versa. cheers!

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