Friday, December 3, 2010

have a nice weekend!

so whats for the weekend fellas?
i'm a little bit exhausted at the moment, donno why,
maybe lack of sleep :D
well, my high school friend is coming here for a visit
she's so lucky! so it will be a busy week i guess
showing around melbourne, and that means maybe i'll take pictures more around the city
which i just realised i haven't doing much :p especially comparing to sydney's :p
but you see, melbourne is home, and when i was in sydney, i was a tourist..
so that's my excuse :D
what else is oyeah about the video
i'm still desperately looking for girls concert partner :( anyone? :D
they're playing at corner hotel, next week..
anyway, wishing you a great weekend :D looking forward for a dry weekend!!

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