Tuesday, July 26, 2011

let's start.

cant believe the last time i posted was that long ago
the thing was, we were on a roadtrip where internet access was limited
and right after we were back in melbourne, besides we're so exhausted, my laptop was highly occupied by my brother, sister, mom even my dad - these people could not live without internet, geez.
well, they're back already in indonesia and as well as myself back to uni starting yesterday. not the happiest moment. but, we have to carry on, yes?
took a look of our photo folders and it hits to 36 GB, can you believe it? crazy.
now i just dont know where to start, well probably i do (from the first day and goes on from there)
hmm i will try my best between my readings, assignments, social life, cooking and sleep. just be patient :p

starting point then.
well, these pictures were from the first folder, which was the arrival.
i remember the feeling, a little bit sleepy waking up too early and it actually made everything seems more likely to be a dream.
it took quite some time to believe that they are actually here! at southern cross station, waiting for me to pick them up.
its been nearly one and a half years (except my mom) since the last time we were face to face in person - skype does not count since we were seperated by two screens and miles of distance haha
we went straight to carnegie, where i live
thanks to the worlds greatest landlord who let my family stayed here for almost 3 weeeks, cant thank them enough.
made them a simple omellete and friends for breakfast yet very tasty for them (or they're just too happy to see me, or too tired after the eight hours flight :D)
after hugs and kisses we went to the most crucial place for my father : toorak.
why? in 1994 we lived here, i was in primary school and my bro and sis are still in kindergarden.
so here we are, back to where we were. and we agreed that everything seems smaller than we remembered.
our school, apartment, sidewalks of brookville, toorak.

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