Wednesday, February 8, 2012

summer 2011/2012

i might missed out telling you that i'll be away so quite some time
sorry for ditching with no post for a few months
first, it was assignments and exam then i was away.
so, i'm back now, hopefully everything will be normal soon
i haven't got my comfortable phase yet, but i'm getting there.
let me tell you bit by bit about the journey (i know that i haven't even finished my family roadtrip, but we'll figure that out, squeeze in here and there, ok?) - so it might not be in order.

i went back home to bandung/jakarta after 20 months, it feels weird, frustrating but so happy meeting my friends and family. I did not have much time to meet everyone, 3weeks wasn't long enough, apparently, plus I was sick for a few days (food poisoning)

so the route was
Melbourne - Denpasar - Jakarta - Bandung - Yogyakarta - Jakarta - Bogor - Jakarta
Jakarta - KL - Guangzhou - Hefei - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai - KL
KL - Delhi - Gurgaon - Agra - Delhi - Bangalore - Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai - KL
KL - Jakarta - Bandung - Jakarta - Denpasar - Melbourne.

13 flights [8 international, 5 domestic] + 2 bullet train ride + a zillion bus and car rides

then there was St. Jerome Laneway Festival plus had a roadtrip yesterday to Mornington Peninsula.
yup, my body is screaming to stop. i guess i had enough as well, enough for this summer.
i feel blessed.

now i don't know where to start, seriously.

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