Thursday, February 9, 2012

the terminal

This was the day I got stranded at the airport, Melbourne Tullamarine international airport that is.
for frickin five hours, hows that for starting up my journey, pretty bad huh?
I think it was me who got unlucky, just because this doesn't happen that often.
I was a zombie airport for sure, i couldnt sleep the night before - this is just a habit of my body who wouldnt go to sleep, too nervous to travel.
so tried every position to sleep at the airport,no luck.
 no, didnt fly with royal brunei, this was just a shot when i was bored. but maybe i should take this airline sometime, i heard they're pretty awesome and cheap.
 a shot of the waiting room, still waiting.
then the suffer continues.
i was suppose to transit in Denpasar, Bali. with my time table of connecting flight i should have got the time to spend time at seminyak or some other beach somewhere in Bali.
but nope, no luck. i was late for my second flight. and they better wait for me, its not my fault that im late.
it was frustating, havent been back for a while made me felt about the service in my country dissapointing.
i might sound arrogant or something but when you're used to convenience it'll be a struggle facing what happened to me that day :p
after a while then you'll get used to it again. i still love indonesia, don't worry.
and it was sooo humid, i could barely breath.
enough complains i should move on to the next nicer post hahaha

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