Thursday, June 21, 2012

done, and done.

well hello
finally i'm done with uni, i can't believe it, its been 1.5 years with all the whining of stress i get from doing my assignments, studying for exams. and here i am confused what to do.
my results will come out in a few weeks hopefully, i should say i'm done after that but i don't care, i think i'll pass :D
i can't believe i'm leaving Melbourne soon, it will be sad and heart breaking. i don't feel like wondering around lately though because its been such shitty weather here - freezing and wet. i'm wishing for better weather soon. i'll deal with the cold, but at least give us some sun will ya?
the most odd thing was 2 days ago, there was an earthquake! it was only 5.2 though, nothing compared back home, but everyone seems made a big deal out of it, well, it is a rare thing :p
anyway, its pain living in limbo, waking up without knowing what to do that day except if i have work
i'm a type of person who cannot sit and do nothing.
so yeah, should start looking for a job and be excited. wish me luck :)

ps. took the picture at Port Arthur, Tasmania :) one scary place, tell you more about it later!

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