Friday, June 22, 2012

ho ho ho its hobart :)

tasmania was surprisingly gorgeous
me and my housemates went there for easter break for 4 days, did not expect anything and wow
it's nothing like other part of australia i've visited. i would recommend to go to tasmania if you're in australia..
this is hobart, my first breathtaking moment was when we first enter the city from the airport (see the first picture) the picture is the courtesy of my housemate because obviously i was driving (did most of the driving during the trip while everybody else was drinking beer or sleep)
so the view was that bridge going over the massive lake and mountains at the back of it, we had to go over the bridge to get to the city
it was 8 oclock in the morning, we took the earliest flight and as you can imagine, its like a dead town.
no one was around, shops are still closed and did i mention it was easter.
we were starving, and luckily we spotted woolies open, yay!
we bought a lot of food, our preparation for Miena, the small town we were going to stay at that night since there is nothing around there.
we stroll aroung Hobart, because it was early and we had plenty of time, the city is pretty, by the ocean, as you can see the port and huge ships around

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