Thursday, June 24, 2010

have an exciting weekend!

Twin Sister - "All Around and Away We Go" from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

i can't believe it! it's friday already
time sure do fly here
and it's been 10 weeks, today is my last day at this course
still waiting for what happens next
anyway, do you usually have memories for a spesific song or playlist?
i do! so my best friends made me playlist before i left
and this song is from enggar's playlist, and what i remember from this song is :
sitting in the metro, looking out the window and passing south yarra station :D
i looooveee this song!! love twin sister
so,what are you doing this weekend people? i'm going for a road trip this sunday!!
so excited..
i hope you have an exciting weekend!
and also i'm wishing for my girl, chita for today!
she's going to be a master graduate by the end of the day
am so proud of you!
lastly, for my best girls in the world!! you know who you are....
have a fun time in Bali, wish i was there :_)

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