Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ink & spindle : studio visit

hello! meet ink & spindle!
accidently when i was blog-walking and saw the open studio poster from ink & spindle's blog
i got so excited because i was just in time, right one day before :D
and of course i got more excited when i got there and see one amazing studio
it's a dream to have a studio + office like this :D
Teegs & Lara were lovely, they did some demonstration of the fabric printings
it was a strange feeling meeting them, after all this time i've been reading their blog
but its been my pleasure :) if you never see their works, please do! they're adorable.
you can even shop here, enjoy!


  1. smoga kami diberi kesempatan untuk memiliki studio macam mereka itu. amiiin!!!!!

  2. amiinnn!!
    hii aku sampai merindingg



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