Thursday, July 15, 2010

you call me baby, you call me love

still im not sure what you dream of
and night when you turn on to your side
oh moon don't bother calling out tonight
calling out tonight no more

i used to love you, more with each day
and now my fear that its going away
and my heart won't cope from no one no more
no one

wont you tell me for all the world
its gonna take to stay your girl
i just wanna understand
you're the sand castle of my heart

i love you so much i can't stand it
i would go off and on and never knowing what to do
i love you so much i can't stand it
i walk alone at night and think of me and you

same script, different cast
it felt like trash all over again
i'm just an audience twenty thousand miles away
and who cares

thought the storm will settle down
it's never enough heartbreaks
too hard to keen on zero level expectation

stepping down, walking backwards
till you're out of sight
i just don't know how to love you
i love you so much i can't stand it

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