Tuesday, August 3, 2010

forced to love

well, if you think about it then you’re a fool, yeah it’s just a size and the mind that won’t give you up and if I think about it well am I cool yet? cause it’s the word of the knife that won’t cut you up and if we think about it well, is it true yet? cause there’s no line that reminds whether we are enough so let’s think about it oh are we through yet? It’s just the crime at the time of a masculine hug, cause we’re forced to love yeah, we’re forced to love all the time, forced to love, when we speak about it… made the right, always on mine and if I speak about it…erase the lies, love is frozen, so if you think about it what would you do? you’re just the man with the plan sayin we are not lost, so let’s think about it oh are we through yet? it’s just the time to decide if we can move up

another check mark for my concerts list, broken social scene, at corner hotel, melbourne.
second row, yes i was that close to them and since they've been changing around the formation i get to see them all :D
i heart brendan most, he seems fun and all, well everyone was actually
most of them were wearing plaids shirt, and some were even barefeet :p
it was amazing because the gig was small so it was warm and intimate
always been a fan of these kind of gigs, i really want to repeat last night :)
my favorite moment was when they played all to all and texico bitches!! i heart!! and sure sweetest kill took my breath away
and when they played lover's spit, they dim down the lights and everyone was quiet, very nice..
they didn't play that "we want more" scenario like any other band but they had the perfect closure with meeting me in the basement. and made everyone gone home with the biggest smile, even though it was raining and freezing outside.

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