Monday, August 9, 2010


so here we are - at least for now,
at Glen Iris, cant unpack yet thats the worst part
but really the house is really nice, my room has its own bathroom, imac + wireless internet,
a bookshelf with a collection of lonely planet books (they only have the ones that they've been to)
the kitchen is the best one ive seen around,
huge tv with cable - hundreds of channel, made me hard to even choose one to watch :p
chris and julia are very lovely, they have a cat, charlie, which now and then dominate my bed
not a big fan of cat :D but he's okay
i have to walk 2 minutes to catch the number 6 tram,
its really dark here at night, and very quite even at day time
its strange after awhile i was used to the noisiest bedroom ever
well, i hope we all have a nice week :) cheers

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