Monday, August 9, 2010

goodbye 153

hey folks, hows your weekend?
as i said, im moving, but there's been a change of plans (like always, can't complain)
i had to stay at my landlord's house for a couple of weeks
well anyway, its a bit sad to leave this place, i've been living there for four months
met interesting people :D but most of the best ones are leaving anyway
its quite an experience :p going to miss arriving home from the city in 10 minutes though
since im moving to the suburbs..
location of this place is the best one, bus stop, tram stop, train station,
its near to the most beautiful park - fitzroy garden, bridge road, where the f.o's are :p
but glad to leave one of the most busiest street in melbourne +_+ the footy traffic jam
overall, sure im going to miss you 153 and everyone inside - 20 girls is a chaos :D
i cooked for a couple of girls for the last supper there hihiii

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