Thursday, September 2, 2010

roadtrip : the nobbies

so the last stop was the nobbies and the penguin reserve
the nobbies is a look out for the seal rocks, unfortunately it was too hard to see with bare eyes
and we have to pay for the binoculars, but i didn't, i doubt there were seals at that time
because it was a bit raining and so cloudy, as you see..
but then there was this hills full of (stupid) seagulls - hehe i just hate them
it was breeding time, since spring is coming so it was some sight indeed
and how lucky am i, i found a couple penguins hiding :p
they're so adorable
then slighty a rainbow, it just suddenly turned out to be insane
anyway, the whole point of this island is at the penguin reserve, where we can watch penguin parade
they come back right when it was fast-break time :p i was expecting they're a little bigger,
but they're sooo cute! struggling so hard to cross the beach from the attacks of stupid seaguls (one reason i hate them)
we weren't allowed to take pictures though..
well, this is the end of the phillip island fellas!!
are you ready for sydney? :D

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