Friday, September 3, 2010

road trip : clovelly

so i decided to make a trip to sydney before my classes starts
got there by 14 hour trip bus, hoping to see the land view :p
well it gets exciting sometimes when there's horses running around a huge green field
but then i got bored, it was hard to read on the bus and i was fasting so i couldn't snack
anyways it was quite an experience, i didnt regret it at all
so i'm stayed at my ex-collegue-long-time-no-see-friend, mela and yon
they live at a very nice apartment in randwick
i arrived in sydney around 10.30 at night, the bus stopped at eddy avenue, central station
mela and yon kindly picked me up, worried that i'll get lost hehe
sure sydney streets are confusing :p
the official first day at sydney mela and me went coastal walking starting here at clovelly beach.

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