Saturday, September 4, 2010

where i call home, now

happy sunday!
i'm going to break the sydney posts with my new place :D
at last i have a permanent place to live, a civilized one, phew - i know! after all this time.
well i'm going to stay here for at least 6 months, could be more whether i like it or not
this is an old house build in 1920s, chris (my landlord) showed me pictures of the house when they bought it
it was a mess, he renovated everything until it looks this beautiful with his own hands, incredible!
so there's four people living here, including me
everyone got each room, and we share the kitchen, 1.5 bathroom, dining + living room
no one barely touch the tv nor the kitchen though, so feels like my own heheh :p
let me tell you that couch is super comfort!! welcome :)

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