Sunday, August 14, 2011

a love letter

my dearests, maybe i'm just tired and missing everyone too much so here i am being sentimental

this is a love letter for my super girls J

i had a beautiful day today, very refreshing - took myself out from my cage and enjoying the sunshine

it's been awhile and exactly what i needed.

it was so relaxing then it made me thinking, about friendship.

friends do come and go, some love you some hurt you but we all forgive eventually, at least i did.

But most of all, i am always grateful for having my best girls in the wholewideworld and soon we will be the sisterhood travelling pants :) they never ever let me down.

as i mention some time before, we've been living apart for the past year or so

one in new york, one in philladelphia and one in jakarta - amsterdam, very soon!! and me in melbourne.

at this minute while i'm writing this post, they're all gathering tonight for putri's farewell and of course, i am wishing to be there with them more than any place

i miss them too much, its been too long :_)

we knew each other back in highschool and have been really good friends since

we have been through a lot together, love affairs, breakups, family/friends issues and many more

they're the ones who always, always, always tried their best to be there for me and I tried my best to be there for them as well

I am very grateful to have them in my live -  they are my safety net

So I dedicate this post for them and wishing my putri the best of luck, you will get through this just like the rest of us

Hopefully this distance will keep us even stronger so nothing can set us part

Until we gather again soon in any part of the world

Even though we are far apart, I will always pray and love you girls with all my heart
you girls are amazing and i am the luckiest girl on earth!

To my super girls,

Anindita putri, inggita sistha, stella tambunan (in alphabetical order :p)

I love you more each day J



  1. i love you imongski <3 always. stell

  2. <3 you too babe, hope to see you soon xx



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