Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what's for lunch?

 hey, its been awhile since i posted 'what's for lunch' huh? i've been cooking alot lately, new recipes, recipe that i never thought of making but always always forgot to take pictures!! i usually tweet them though, well will do for the next cooking session :p anyways when my family was here i asked my parents to cook everything that i've been craving for - especially indonesian food!! and this is definitely one of them : dad's famous satay! with australian beef makes it much much better!! we bought a cheap barbeque-ish set :p we had gulai and tongseng as well with the satay + kerupuk + fried onion, yummm im hungry now! haha it was the best lunch ever!!!

ps. this is at the side way of my house, indeed we made my neighbours so so jealous :p

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