Friday, October 14, 2011

september and the birthday.

meet mrs.hevora sena :) 
brunch wif Rima & Kemi
huff bagelry, Carnegie
ponyfish island
she tried to write in indonesian :")
"you have to start your new age with something colorful"
misery mixtape from faraway land, papua :)
 my birthday this year was between assignments, i had trade policy essay due 2 days after my bday (laameee)
so, i was that close to not do anything at all, and everyone was busy anyway plus my lovely housemate went back to moscow for her besties wedding - she left me a gift before she left, those guitar earings, eye shadow and that card with  indonesian wishes on it, i understand it well, but it sounds funny because she used formal words, of course google translator :p she's sweet :)
but then, of course my lovely hevora sena, called and insist me to (at least) have dinner.
and we did, she's an angel for saving the day :)
we went to trotters, lygon st. thanks to broadsheet
and had a fantastic dinner and loooong chat, i'm glad i had dinner with her
she also gave me a present!! that lovely colorful necklace hihi hi Eva! i hope you're reading this
(she said she's always disappointed if i didn't post anything because she usually read my blog before going to bed - she's  too sweet)
speaking of sweet, she also gave me  a cupcake - with a candle!! AND that pop up card!! oh my goodness.
the next morning, still strugling with my assignment, rima and kemi came to carnegie and we had brunch at the coolest place in carnegie, huff bagelry :) thanks girls for coming by.
Rima gave me that flowery earing, a giant chunck of homemade chocolate cake *yummmm!!!!*

then I had the rest of september just being busy and enjoying the sun in between
bought myself red velvet mini cupcake from little cupcakes
and went to ponyfish island with Rima at one fine afternoon, more pictures of this awesome place here
they built a bar under the southbank bridge, it does feels like an island :)

then a week or two after the birthday a package from the one and only papua island
miss enggar paramita sent me a misery mixtape!!! papua batik and a traditional bag (which i forgot to take pictures of it) i was soooo surprised :) thank you missy.
i got another present too from Ellie, oh my i am so blessed surrounded by this lovelies :)) can't ask for more

it was a great september :) wondering where will i be next year.......
hugs xx

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  1. Yaaaaaaay! U finally talked about me in your blog!! Really enjoyed that night! I'm glad i was part of it!!!
    Miss u a lot and i read your blog daily (btw, its time for a new post!) lol

    Love u!



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