Tuesday, October 11, 2011

would be better if there's sunshine :)

cannot pose, its freakin freezing!!
why we no allowed picnics?! :(
dream house

 so here we are, at the beginning of our journey
we rent a car and had the roadtrip for 10 days :) first destination was mansfield
on the way there we stopped by at Dandenong, it's like 'Puncak' for Melbourne
a lot of vintage cafes and coffeeshop, we didn't stay long because we're aiming for the wine tour
and it was freekin freezing at Dandenong as well, so.. had lunch in the car after take away nandos at lilydale

very unfortunate the weather was a bit of a disaster but we made the best of it :)
and here we are at Domaine Chandon
it was an amazing place, another disappointment was we had to wait for the wine tour for another 2 hours :(
we didn't plan to eat there, because we just had lunch and we have to reach Mansfield before dark
so we just wander around, take pictures and left
i wanna go back there for the wine tour someday, maybe it'll be gorgeous in summer don't you think?
and i wanna see when the wineyards are at their peak
anyway, we hit back the slippery road for mansfield..........

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