Wednesday, January 13, 2010

life handbook vol.01

after some readings, browsing, watch some movies,
laughing with families & friends
I came with a conclusion of things to make my life more cherised
make everyday worthwhile, let me share this with you :)
01. wake up early and go swimming
02. rearrange your closet, your room now and again
03. don't waste time, enjoy every second, you'll never know when it last.
04. don't worry, let it happend and feel it
05. make sure you hug someone you love everyday
06. redecorate your space work, and make it comfortable
07. drink water as much as you can
08. play more games and have a lil fun
09. read more books
10. call your family!
11. eat healthy
12. plan on travelling, anywhere, it doesn't matter, every place is interesting
13. don't miss a day without some laugh people! seriously.
14. sleepover, girltalks. quality time.
15. give. and never expect anything in return

to be continued...

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