Tuesday, January 26, 2010

restart, refresh, reorganize!

How's your weekend?
Mine were busy as always and even made today full of nerve
with the full spinning dust moving rapidly all in my head.
well, i'm not here to complain!
I just need to take a deep breath with fresh air to clear up
and re-organizing everything in the right order of priorities :)

i am a magazine person, and it's one of my main source of inspirations, so i don't have to heart to toss some of the olds,
because it might be something useful in the days ahead,
maybe i should do the filling and only keep the highlights only
while browsing inspirations for libraries ideas,
these are some great ideas of organizing.
lists i have to organize are :
my mind
school list and requirement lists
my projects and deadlines
computer folders and data's
room, magazines and books
home workspace
other lots of things i can't remember right now
hahaa hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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