Thursday, January 14, 2010

thursday obsession!

first of all,
i was quite surprised it's thursday already
so, i kinda gotta share my obsession with ya!
whats with the ya-attitude? haha

anyways, i am SO INTO CHOCOLATE!
i know some people who hates it by the way
and i just can't understand why....
it's the best medicine for heartbreaks, don't you think?

so, after the lunch menu i post
i found this sweet auntie who baked her nephew a dump truck cake!
i was like OOHH! i envy him so much, look at those oreos
i could just break my diet hahahahahaa
damn, now i'm craving for some choco.


  1. hey! that's my cake!
    Thanks for the link ;)

  2. hai abigail!
    brilliant idea for the cake!
    and your nephew is a cutey :)
    thanks for stopping by....



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