Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what's for lunch?

what are you having for lunch today?
i'm having Bitter Greens Salad with Caper Vinaigrette and Crab and Fontina Stuffed Mushrooms for starters
Tofu and Broccolini Pad See Ew for main course and last but not least a Chocolate Rum Pudding Cake for desert.
Nah I'm just kidding, I'm just drooling over this food heaven, and you can see the recipes also.
have a great lunch and see you in the kitchen!

ps : do you have other recipes site? please do share here, thank you :)


  1. That salad sounds delicious! Your blog is lovely, I love all the food!
    xo, Helen

  2. thank you Helen :)
    so nice to know that someone is reading my blog...
    you should see the link I shared, the foods are delicioso!



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